Sunday, April 22, 2012


I know its been forever since I updated the blog, but its because my computer has been broken. This post has already taken me 10 minutes just to get my computer to let me think about posting!! So there will not be any pictures for a while. Sorry.  BUT I do want family and friends to know we are finally expecting another baby!! Yeah!! It will be here around the end of November.  We are all so excited (Maibel most of all, seriously).  Maibel is actually extremely protective already. I am not allowed to eat anything she doesn't think is healthy, she is worried about our trip to St. George in June because it's close to finding out what the baby is, she told Melissa and Sarah I wasn't allowed to swim anymore, she told the waitress at Texas Roadhouse that I was not allowed to have a brownie, and seriously the list goes on and on.  Its SO cute.  She will be the perfect older sister (or 2nd Mom).  Brent and I have spent hours praying for this miracle and we are so grateful we are able to add to our family.

Friday, August 5, 2011

 What a week! Last Thursday I woke up and took the dogs out to go to the bathroom, like usual. I looked down at Hephaestus and his left eye was completely swollen shut! (didn't we already have this post about Hermes) He was also covered in what looked like hundreds of little bits all over him. He was itching so bad he was crying about it. SO SAD! My mom, Mai, and I took him straight in to the vet and they had to keep him for the day. He had to get a couple shots of Benadryl and steroids. He's all better now (and I am so happy we have "puppy insurance" because all this was free) but I guess he had an allergic reaction to a bug bite the night before and swelled up like crazy. These aren't the best pics but its hard to get a 3months old puppy to hold still, especially one who is itching like crazy. And you can't really see the welts all over him, but you can kinda get the idea of what he looked like by looking at his eye.

I've also been working on Mai's room quite a bit the last few weeks. I repainted her bed from pink to white(using the paint samples you can get at Home Depot, so it only cost $5!), re-painted you room (that only cost $10), and made this cute little canopy for her bed out of a lamp shade (this only cost .50 for the lamp shade from a yard sale. I already had everything else for it). I'm still working on some other stuff for her room but here it is so far.

And we have also been "babysitting" my brother-in-law's and sister-in-laws dog. Poor Ollie was a little over whelmed when he got here last week but has totally warmed up to the dogs. He keeps hiding under the kitchen stools and Hephaestus cries and cries because he thinks he can't get Ollie when he's under there (he seems to forget that he can fit under there too). Melissa came over today with the kids and Lacey keep saying "where's Wal-E". SO cute!

And a side note, I just reupholstered those kitchen stools and re-stained them.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We have a new addition to our little family. This is Hephaestus. He is an American Bulldog born April 6, 2011. Of course we had to go with a Greek God for the name. It took us a couple of days to decide but Maibel finally agreed with us. :) 
Hephaestus  was a Greek God whose Roman equivalent was Vulcan. He was the god of technology, blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes. Like other mythic smiths but unlike most other gods, Hephaestus was lame, which gave him a grotesque appearance in Greek eyes. He served as the blacksmith of the gods, and he was worshipped in the manufacturing and industrial centers of Greece.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our New House

I am FINALLY posting pics of our new house. I know its been a little over a month, but you know how it goes.
our stuff packed and ready to go at Kieth and Hariella's

more stuff!!

We had to move to Clif and Rose's for two weeks, so we got to move ALL out stuff twice! Aren't we lucky! (Or should I say aren't our families lucky for getting to move us twice in two weeks)

Our stuff packed and ready in Mom's garage.

Our stuff in OUR new garage

 The laundry room

 living room

 food storage area

family room


 our bedroom


 Mai's bedroom

 We were able to spend the night in our new house the night before we actually moved in. It was fun to "camp out" inside.

Mai and Hermes sleep in the playroom

Brent and I sleep in  the family room (which is connected to the playroom.)